John R. Crutchfield, Fine Artist

Oil & Acrylic Paintings

Although he was born in North Carolina, John considers himself a New England native, having lived here since he was only a few months old.

John always felt a love for art and for the wonders of nature. It was only fitting then that he would ulimately blend those two passions. John spent many summers at Sandy Neck on Cape Cod, where he developed a sense of appreciation for the beauty of God's creation. It is that deep reverence that inspires his work.

John is self taught as an artist and also as a sign painter. He has owned and operated Crutchfield Signs in Middleboro, MA for the last forty two years. He prefers realism in his work and is always striving for improvement.

John is inspired by painters like Ken Davies and Bob Duff of New Bedford. Mr Duff, a long time friend, has inspired and encouraged John through the years and served as a wonderful and gracious role model as well.

"My favorite medium is oil.", says John, "Time just flies when I'm in my studio painting. It's what I love, what I was born to do".

Married for 39 years, John and his wife, Patricia live in Middleboro, MA. They have five children, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

John is a Russell Gallery member of the Plymouth Guild for the Arts. He is available for commissions. Please go to our Galleries & Exhibits page for a list of galleries where you can view and obtain John's work. 


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